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Danielle and Ian making time for others, for art’s sake
Image: Christa Wittmier

You know what I love? I love busy. Busy is the secret weapon against boredom. When I was growing up, being bored usually led to getting myself in trouble. That’s probably why my parents tried to keep me involved with so many activities, including a job at age 14. Trying to shuffle that with music classes, dance classes, school activities, friends and the public transportation system before I even got to high school was pretty damn good development training for being an adult.

Think about your first job. Didn’t you love how fast the day would go by when you were in the weeds? Running around like a crazy person making this happen, putting that fire out, appeasing those people, and then, Poof!, there’s your replacement walking in the door. Cha ching.

Looking at the year, I really do think October could be the busiest (best) month of the year. This week alone I’m deep in the heart of the Hawaii International Film Festival, thinking about something fantastic and memorable to wear to the GIFT Foundation costume party and the big Hallowbaloo block party, and finally fit enough to feel amazing in a formal gown for the Eurocinema Gala! This month rules.

If anyone knows busy it’s HIFF Program Director Anderson Le. The depth and scope of his film knowledge is staggering, and mostly what it takes to get there is putting in the time. And talk about busy: The fact that Anderson still takes time to engage with me at all makes my heart soar. It’s not like I don’t want to watch the hundreds of films selected to screen, but who has the time for that? Asked to name some picks for a few categories I threw at him, here’s what he offered:

Sexiest: Yes, We’re Open and Dangerous Liaisons

Good Brain Fck: Holy Motors

Locally made films: The Land of Eb and Missing Home

Creepiest: I Am a Ghost and Horror Stories

For a good laugh: Thermae Romae and Camille Rewinds

Also this weekend, we’ve got the third installment of InstaHawaii at Loft in Space. This is producer and Best Twitterer Ian “BadNewsRapDudes” Kai’s event, which takes the best of Instagram and brings it to life as an art showcase. Looking through the #InstaHawaii3 hashtag, I finally learned what negative space means in photography. There are some amazing photographers in Hawaii. The free event validates amateur insta-photographers and encourages them to stay busy snapping those photos; but more importantly, it’s for a good cause: revenue from the purchased photos is donated to the Hawaii Arts Alliance.

Those who find the time to drive to Pearl City on Sunday, 10/21 will be rewarded with a free show and some fantastic up-and-coming talent with such bands as Super Nice, Press Charges and T.V. Microwave at the Exclusive Music Studios. All we all need to do (especially for October) is prioritize wisely and the world is ours.

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