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Wonderland Beyond Paradise: the more, the merrier
Image: Christa Wittmier

I’m not even sure what to do with myself after such a long holiday weekend. I usually try not to get too excited about having four days off in a row because I may/may not be a workaholic. Plus, it’s much easier to find things about my job to look forward to, since that’s what I’m doing, pretty much all the time. After working working working working, these past four days off felt like a month. Although, I must admit: It was amazing.

Wednesday night was another example of way too much happening at the same time. Birthday events, welcome-back dinners, two EDM events, and all those amped-up regular Wednesday night weeklies that I usually can’t make it to because of work all added up to a good start to a long weekend. It was awesome to get a chance to see Seven Pair of Iron Shoes take the stage at the new Broadcast Wednesdays re-launch at Nextdoor. Those guys rock so hard. The first person I saw when I walked in was Mercury owner Andrew Burgreyev, smiling from ear to ear as Merc’s bartender Cory Asato strummed his guitar on stage. As a genuine supporter and fan of live music, Merc has introduced a new hip-hop night on Nov. 24, with music not just coming from resident DJs, but live performances from veterans like the Audible Lab Rats, Ninja Please and Hosana–a surprising but welcome addition to the bar’s regular lineup.

Also Wednesday night was the Livewire 7 Year Anniversary event at Aloha Stadium and the Wonderland Beyond Paradise event at Aloha Tower, both very successful. There was no way to bounce back and forth between Aloha Stadium and Aloha Tower, yet there were five thousand people at Aloha Stadium and another three at Aloha Tower, which goes to show you that we have reached a new level in entertainment, and dance music like this is not going away. As a new generation of clubbers comes up, they bring their influences with them, and it’s only getting better. Artist Movement promoter Andreas Counnas–who’s been working hard to open new venue The Sunset Room at Aloha Tower–told me about Livewire’s sound system. They scraped together the money they needed by only eating cereal for three years to save up for that world class, $100,000 set-up, and you can bet the hard work has paid off.

The best part about these guys working so hard to build these systems and events is the quality of talent that is regularly coming to Hawaii. These artists are learning about Hawaii and they keep that positive experience with them. It paves the way for more and more artists on our wish list to make their way out here. “Asylum brings worldwide recognition for Hawaii with the caliber of talent we fly in,” partner Willis Haltom told me at their four year anniversary celebration Saturday night. “And we will continue to do this.” Asylum Afterhours kept the party going well in to Sunday with a boat cruise then a BBQ at Kakaako Park, showing these artists how Hawaii does it. I truly believe no other city even comes close.

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