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Cherished times with Zana & Chuck Mitsui of 808 Skate
Image: Christa Wittmier

It’s true what they say. Love changes everything. Priorities are shifted the minute it happens and nothing means as much as spending time with the one you love. There could be a hundred events going on in any particular weekend (like this past weekend, I mean, DAYAM!) but all of it can seem like a temporary distraction that keeps you from the person you want to be with. In my case it’s not a person, but a song called “Tender Love” that Kill Paris just released that’s totally breaking my heart. Kill Paris calls his bassy love music “Pantydropstep” which, (and I don’t want to get too personal here) is exactly the case.

Anyway, last weekend (the weekend way too many great things happened all at the same damn time) gave many folks in Honolulu a taste of what I have to go through pretty much every night. “How do you do so much?” is probably the number one question people ask me when they see me, but it still, to this day, leaves me shrugging my shoulders. I guess it’s mostly because I am single. There is nobody I go home to, so there are thousands I go out to. My friends that have coupled up have slipped quietly away into the abyss of hapiness, making the time I actually do get to spend with them that much sweeter. Aside from much-cherished time with my married friends and that Kill Paris song on repeat, last weekend left me feeling very happy with where nightlife is headed these days.

No stranger to events, but daring to take adventurous steps to build a weekly party is Ramyt and his friends, with Foundation, at The Safehouse in the Republik. Friday nights are already full of good options, and along with Spells, Ira, Drift and Marlon they filled up the big little Safehouse with tons of music lovers, both young and old.

Another new weekly that’s gaining traction is Ratchet Thursdays at Soho Mixed Media Bar. With regulars like Technique and Nightmarcher, there’s also some pretty legit bass mechanics shaking up Fort Street Mall. Between you and me, I’m not that stoked on the whole “ratchet” thing, but experimenting with playing music publicly has taught me very quickly that this is the type of music that gets a crowd moving. I respect that.

Relentless music enthusiast Joe Agogo is bringing back Broadcast this week in a big way on that night before Thanksgiving when all of us day-workers can actually go out. Pulling from so many different genres such as retro, dance, punk, rock and beyond, Joe has said that anyone who was comfortable at The Wave will feel right at home at Broadcast. Since many of The Wave people have grown up and on, it’s good to start talking to the new generation, and an 18 and over event will do just that. Starting out with The Deadbeats this week, and a schedule chock full of both local and mainland bands, it’s fantastic to see a weekly event that will showcase live music. Happy Thanksgiving.

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