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Very well-known, Big Mox and K-LUV are the Prolific Unknowns
Image: Jeremiah Tayao

When it comes to the nightlife, it seems like there are plenty of good motivators to get everyone out of their comfort zones and out the door; free stuff, DJs and music everyone knows, good-looking people and great parking all seem like golden carrots bright enough to bring anybody out, but more often than not Honolulu at night is the same scene, with the same crowd. Look at First Friday. It’s automatic. A lot of us remember when it wasn’t, but now people all come to Chinatown because everybody else comes to Chinatown.

There are other weekly and monthly events that are building this way, too. Go to LuLu’s on Mondays, for example, or Fridays at M. Every weekend (and now Thursdays) at Addiction, as well as any of the Wonderland events, sees huge crowds, almost automatically. Mind you, none of these routines happened overnight; a lot of hard work went in to building that crowd. Congratulations, if you’ve figured that out.

But the period of the month after a First Friday is when I usually hear people wanting to go the other direction, to get away from the craziness of the masses, with the hopes of finding somewhere a bit more mellow. Paths less beaten, where you can hear yourself think. No wait list, no lines. No drinks spilled on you every five minutes. I hear you: After too many nights of quantity, sometimes all we need is a little quality.

Where do I usually find it? It’s pretty much impossible to get a bad drink or hear bad music at Thirtyninehotel, celebrating their 8th birthday this weekend. Plus, it’s inspiring to see a club stay true to its vision, never compromising–even through the tough times. Happy birthday. Also check out Slow and Low at quality spot Lotus, with their room set up so you can either hear the master Packo and tons of bass in the front, or house music with DJ C.I.A. and Paul Shih in the back. A nice night out, removed from the mob, is easy to find–as long as you know where to look.

Coming off the heels of a ridiculously fun hip hop show at Nextdoor this past weekend, I got an email to preview the new mixtape by the Prolific Unknowns. By now I would hardly call the group’s two members K-LUV and Big Mox unknown, but it’s got a cute ring to it, and they sure as hell are prolific. Sharing the stage this past weekend for BAMBU’sRent Money Tour, these two dominate cyphers and have made enough music for me to know I better get over to the launch and listening party on Nov. 17 at The Venue to hear their latest project, including two new videos and Prolific Tapes Aside and Bside. They work hard, and it shows through their performances and music. It seems like they’re constantly recording and mixing material, posting track after track to their Soundcloud. And although this release event has been a long time in the making, I already know it’s going to be amazing. Automatically.

Check it out