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The Sunset Room team working hard in the sunrise room of Counnas’s Diamond Head home

A year ago, I cruised with Caleb Shinobi, in his eyepatch and Alexander McQueen platforms, at one of the first events then-promoter Andreas Counnas pulled off at Aloha Tower. Now, Counnas is set to open the next level in nightlife: The Sunset Room, and I am more excited about the giant lanai at this 7,000-square-foot space than the sound system and all of the headliners set to fly in for the first month! So many details have fallen perfectly into place for Counnas that he can’t do anything but laugh hysterically whenever I bump into him and talk about it. Simply put? “It’s going to be off the chain.” This from the guy that promoted at the popular Los Angeles Sunset Room for six years. I’ve seen what he can do here in Hawaii with my own eyes and love the multi-faceted sellout crowds he has pulled. Expect DJ Taryn Manning’s Hawaii return, as well as the do-over of Hawaii-born, girl-crush inducing Shannyn Sossamon. She Wants Revenge band member DJ Adam 12 will also be there. Expect Pillow Talk, Donald Glaude and a bunch of names I’m not allowed to say yet.

Counnas is not tackling all of this on his own, mind you, but working with local trusted names like Joseph Pa’ahana, Ramyt, Willis and Darren Zane from Asylum and Shinobi, so their grand opening weekend is going to look and sound damn good. For now, Sunset Room is set to open on January 18/19, but don’t get married to that. In the grand tradition of permitting, policies, staffing and the unforeseen, it could change. But trust me, guys–it matters more to do things right. We’ll be waiting! (No pressure.)

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