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Fun parties: the gift of Glamb
Image: courtesy Art & Flea

Last December, I struggled to pull together a huge end of the year party in a warehouse so big it felt like it was an airplane hangar. Bringing in risers for a DJ stage, having artists paint the walls and renting tables and chairs didn’t do much to make the place appear any smaller, and the amount of people I expected to come was considerably less than what it would take to fill the place. I was so scared. The anxiety of trying to do something different in a place where you’re putting all of your eggs in one basket is how I imagine the feeling you get before jumping out of an airplane, the freefall being random people you don’t know grabbing you by your shoulders and shaking you, saying, “This is the best party ever, aaaadjhfdaaahah!!!” What I’m trying to say is that throwing a party like that is totally worth all the stress.

While it’s incredibly exhilarating to accomplish something like that, it’s even nicer to sit back and enjoy someone else taking it on. This weekend I’m really looking forward to Anton Glamb’s all ages warehouse party at the new Lana Lane studios in Kakaako. He is celebrating the release of his mixtape of remixes called, appropriately, Remix Tape. If anyone can pull off a warehouse party in Honolulu, I’ll bet it’s Glamb. Having studied music at Columbia, he’s been an influence on up-and-coming New York musicians such as Azealia Banks, who included one of his tracks on her Mermaid Ball mixtape. He spent eight years in New York after graduating college skateboarding, making music and throwing weird parties with his Radical Outing crew in Bushwick. Radical Outing, a record label that started as a music collective, became known in Brooklyn as the party crew so “out there” it was impossible not to have fun. Some light googling had me flipping through tons of party recaps from underground bloggers photo-recounting the intereseting people and their obvious thirst for good music and tons of fun. Glamb calls it “weird vibes,” but I call it, “Everyone I would want to hang out with.” Brightly colored clothing, thick-framed glasses, high top shoes, fantastic costume jewlery and snapbacks with funny or ironic words on them was the norm, but it looked like pretty much anyone could go to a party where people who don’t fit in, do. They built up a huge following, playing shows with bigger names such as Wiz Khalifa, Juan Atkins, Rick Ross, Red Man and Kool Keith until Glamb recently moved home to Honolulu this year.

This Friday, there will be a bit of sensory overload–with not only live art, but projected imagery unlike anything seen in Honolulu–through the use of a hacked Kinect camera and his award-winning buddies behind Boto Boy Films. Remix Tape, featuring artists Glamb met and collaborated with in New York, will be previewed, and live music will come from Circuit Creature and DJs Davey Shindig and Mr. Markey.

Check it out