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Image: Christa Wittmier

Destination partying is definitely something I would recommend for anyone coming of age. Ibiza or Corfu were the hot spots to hit in my day, easily accessible by plane and with mega fun dance music playing all the time–a holiday package where all of your entertainment and leisure is pretty much decided and scheduled out for you? They were almost too good to be true. All you had to do was buy your package, show up and find yourself in a large group of like-minded, mostly European youngsters ready to have the best vacation ever. Returning back to work and real life would often need its own recovery period, and most of your responses to those “How was your vacation?” inquiries would be a half-assed “fine,” because it was so good you couldn’t even begin to put it into words.

This past week I’ve been exceedingly jealous of those that made it to the Holy Ship!! cruise (two exclamation points because it’s the second incarnation). Out of Florida, it’s a massive 16-story cruise ship for 2,500 music lovers that goes to the Bahamas with 40 huge names in EDM including Justice, 12th Planet, Dillon Francis, Zedd, Skrillex, Diplo and Major Lazer, to name a few. The cruise is only three days and so packed with every major name in the electronic dance music movement that I can only imagine how everyone is recovering from that today. Whatever. 12th Planet is making his way to Hawaii for a Jan. 18 show at The Republik with Electric Palms and most of the names from the Holy Ship have either already come through or are planning to, thanks to the hardworking EDM promoters here. There’s actually a boat party this weekend too, for those that want to try it. The Kahala Kai is a much smaller ship to ease in to, and for 20 bucks, partiers not only get access to the Connect 4 Yacht Rock boat party hosted by Yacht Rockerson Hosana and Justin Bone Kaneshiro, but the after party featuring performances by Kwalified, Maria Remos, and Ninja Pleeze at Mercury Bar, as well. Be sure to check out the live painting by UnoMas, Garydrawsfish, CME, UNPAK and Marko Testudio. Now that the winter is almost behind us and we can plan for the spring and summer, it would be amazing to see more of these parties take to the waters. I mean, look at what’s around us. Why not utilize it all, since there’s things like Dramamine and iPhone water-housings. Last summer, it was fun to lounge around on the sun deck of the massive 300-person Waikiki Ocean Club while dance music pumped from the sound system and nobody could bother us. Dudes dancing in inner tubes, girls bounce/dancing on the water trampoline and we didn’t even need to hop on a plane to enjoy it. The travel bug inside me has definitely been squished after so many years abroad and so many enjoyable leisure activities here. I know it’s only January but I can’t wait for summer.

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