Social Lite

The Comeback(s)

I love Landon Tom (lead singer of the Jump Offs). Like, love love.

Exciting Stuff

“Lance. You know, LANCE. The shaggy haired cutie pie surfer kid that’s always everywhere,” I was telling people last week.

Yay! They’re back!

With all the excitement surrounding the production of Catching Fire coming to Hawaii there’s a lot of disappointed people, too. Mostly the Hawaii Five-0 crew, who won’t be able to jump on the movie project set to film on Kauai due to timing with their own shooting schedule.

The night the pictures died

Darkness. For a lot of people (myself included) that’s a scary thing.

I like Bells and Whistles

Imagine a typical clubbie Friday night out. You have your collared shirt and shoes on, or a sparkly halter dress and after a few shots with pineapple backs you’re on the dance floor.

School Night Summer

I got to find out what you crazy kids are doing during the week both Tuesday and Thursday last week. It was so good that I’m a little mad that I know now.

Social Lite

I love love. It gets so boring and lonely when you find yourself not interested or crushing on anyone at all.

Back to back to back

Is it Summerfun yet? No, seriously, I thought I missed it.

Bounce Back

“You should resurrect Munch at SoHo” someone was telling Daniel Gray at Aparment3 last week. Everyone laughed pretty hard for a minute, picturing a cocktail pairing dinner in that club, but then it went into a sobering “no, but seriously” moment.

Making Waves

It has taken a very, very long time but I’m pretty sure I have figured out men. Not like they are very complicated, it’s actually the opposite.

To the Class of 2012

Ladies and gentlemen of the class of 2012, if there was only one piece of advice I could give you to help your future it would be this: Be on time. Being the first person to arrive somewhere to assess the situation and stake out your spot is worth the down time while waiting for everyone else to arrive.

Hometown Hero

It doesn’t take much to get me over to Los Angeles. Give me any reason, really.

Sorta Bananas

Well, that wasn’t as crazy as I thought–this past weekend, I mean. I really thought I was going to go completely bananas.

What’s going on?

This week is what I affectionately refer to as my “hell week” at my day job. “Affectionately” because it’s impossible for any of it to be hell, but it was back-to-back events that are long, grueling, awesome and cumbersome.

Hanging on your Every Word

Dear Matthew DeKneef [former Weekly associate arts and culture editor] and everyone else who’s ever left Hawaii for Los Angeles, or San Francisco, or anywhere), I was a mess last week when you left. The last day we spent together, on the Hawaii Five-0 set as “airport travelers” oggling LL Cool J, you probably didn’t realize that I was savoring every second we spent, hanging on your every trademark deadpan humorous word.

Sustaining Spring

When I think of local companies with sustainable practices I always remember the Green Style on the Garden Isle event the Hawaii Fashion Incubator pulled off on Kauai in 2008. An amazing weekend showcasing green fashion and products, panel discussions and a fashion show on one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Clubbed to Life

“This place is perfect. I love the layout.

The P in BAMP

Philip Pendleton is a rock star. Not even so much for being the P in BAMP, but because he has spent nine years as the Hawaii sales and marketing manager for RVCA, one of the most recognizable brands in streetwear, art and now Mixed Martial Arts (thanks BJ).

I love you, Saturday

Saturday night was seriously one for the books. It all started with another massive party on Merchant and Nuuanu celebrating Murphy’s 25th St.

Doing it Big

“Don’t you ever get island fever? I was only there for six days and was already seeing the same people everywhere we went,” my friend from New Zealand remarked after I asked him when he could come back.

not 2 kool 4 skool

I was rocked to my classical foundations last weekend by the amazing show the new Hawaii Symphony Orchestra put on for their opening concert. That’s right.

Tinsel Town

“Thrilled. Honored.

Blood, Sweat, Pow Wow

“It’s like this area’s been injected with life,” says Alex Weiland, editor for Australian street lifestyle magazine Acclaim (and one of the greatest female bloggers I might have ever met in person), as I drove her through the Kakaako neighborhood. Damn, I need to hang out with writers more.

No Favorites

This past weekend blew me away. I didn’t even make it out Saturday night even though I got a ticket to DJ Krush.

There and Back Again

Yes, that was Daniel Dae Kim you saw at Apartment3, outside Tsukiji’s, at Pearl Ultralounge and The Standard on Friday night. I happened to be with the Five-O star and friends and it was bar hop city.

This week