DJ diva Reid Speed


Wed, Jan 24

DJ diva Reid Speed / Screw the “girls just want to have fun” stuff, DJ diva Reid Speed is into cooler things. Through her international travels as a turntable rock star, creating dance floor pandemonium is certainly one of them.

Heralded as the undisputed “First Lady of U.S. Drum & Bass,” her zest for turning it out, fast and hard to a pulsating bass line is all the evidence you need to understand the drum ’n‘ bass world’s infatuation and need for Speed by Reid.

She’s also got a down-and-dirty drum and breaks, U.K. garage and house side to her devoted music soul, so don’t let the sexy good looks fool you.

While her earlier creations with Breakbeat Science helped build her popularity, her current DJ-producer prowess on the solo tip helped cement her status as one of the most popular DJs in the world.

Speed is the secret that Hawaii’s diehard electronic music faithful already knows. Watch her go to great lengths to please, because when she’s in the building, you either go hard or you go home.

The Shop, 580 Dillingham Blvd. Sat 1/24, 9pm–4am, [], 591-3500