DJ Reza


Wed, Jul 18

DJ Reza / He’s played at all 10 Love Festivals and killed at each one.

If the past is any indication of what will take place this Saturday, the admiration Hawai’i’s dance community has for DJ Reza will only strengthen at Love Festival 11.

Accustomed to the rocker-DJ lifestyle, Reza’s famous Saturday Sessions parties at the Avalon have not only helped separate Hollywood nightlife from other big cities, it has helped redefine it as well.

Along with the Love Festival, Reza’s Go Ventures imprint is the brain trust behind annual L.A. mega parties like the New Year’s bash “Together As One” and Halloween’s epic “Monster Massive.”

Imagine, if you will; Aloha Stadium filled to capacity. That is how Reza gets down.

Now it’s time to bring that same California love to the Aloha State. Can you feel it?

Sat 7/18, Wet N Wild Hawaii, 400 Farrington Hwy, $25–$100, 18+, [].