Strap yourself in and enjoy the ride because it’s destination party rock courtesy of one of Hawaii’s hip-hop fresh kids, DJ Yogurt.

Yogurt’s infectious, can’t-stop-won’t-stop mentality is inspired by progression and the finer points of DJing. Backed by a clean precise style, this certified, battle-tested scratch master will go to great lengths to make sure the culture is never sacrificed for mainstream bull. That’s hip-hop 101.

“It’s like eating frozen yogurt on a hot day,” he said. “It cools you off and you’re enjoying the flavor it brings and [you] forget about how hot the day is. Also, yogurt is good for you. I like to bring my flavor for the people with the music I play.”

Never be subtle and never settle. DJs are made–turntablists like DJ Yogurt are born.

Thursdays at SoHo Mixed Media Bar, 80 S. Pauahi St., 10pm-2am, 21+, [];
Fridays at Lotus Soundbar, 2301 Kuhio Ave., 18+, 924-1688