DJ Nu-Mark

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Tue, Jun 12

DJ Nu-Mark / You would be hard pressed to find a DJ more committed to the intricacies of beat and sound than DJ Nu-Mark.

The L.A. funk curator leads the way this weekend at the third annual Motion Music Festival when the beat of the most diverse kind takes center stage.

Always on the forefront of DJ technology with a record collection 35 K deep, bringing his own creativity to the cut has been a mainstay for the former member of hip-hop group Jurassic 5.

Jurassic 5 may have disbanded in 2007, but Nu-Mark has displayed life after J5 and shined as a producer (J-Live, Chali 2na, Pharcyde) while continuing to wreck shop in the music industry and on tour.

“I’ve been working with Saturday Night Live’s digital short production team Lonely Island–did two songs on the record,” he said. “I’m in the new MacGruber movie as well [and I’m] working hard on my album right now.”

With the integration of techno and hip more prevalent in music today, he welcomes the marriage.

“Electronic music and hip-hop are also fusing together for the first time,” he noted. “Yeah, there’s been collabos in the past but currently hip-hop and electronic music is widely accepted. Trips me out. I love change in music. I’m curious to see where it’s all going to end up.

“Hip-hop needs the dance attributes of electronic music and electronic music needs the soul of hip-hop. I don’t plan on playing anything but the music that moves me when I play at Pipeline though.”

Pipeline Café, 805 Pohukaina St., Sat, 6/12, 9pm– 4am, [], []