Tue, Jun 5

Trancis at THE WAREHOUSE / In Mr. Trancis’ world, music does more than make booties shake and evoke trendy dance crazes. It’s a land where progressive house and progressive trance gets the respect it deserves and radio station playlists consist of more than just hip-hop and pop.

Once a protégé, now a scene mainstay, Trancis prides himself in bringing creativity and quality to the scene. Still content on revolutionizing Hawaii’s electronic dance music culture, through the hard work of the devoted one and his music comrades (Livewire, Pure Coalition), victory may one day be in sight.

“The scene is important to me because the vibe that comes with it. People aren’t there to impress each other. Everyone is there for the music and the company of friends,” he said. “The DJ, the audience and the atmosphere all vibin’ together, I think that’s what makes for a memorable night.”

Aural stimulation or dance floor shock treatment, pick your music therapy. Either way, it’s music in motion courtesy of Mr. Trancis and it’s the kind that the mind and soul can collectively grasp on to.

In Mr. Trancis’ world, that’s the only way.

The Warehouse, 441 Koula St., Sat 6/5, 10pm-4am, $5-$10