Disko Erotecha

Disko Erotecha / Unity is a must and stimulation is critical in the universe of the enticingly named DJ Soundsex. Loyalty is unmatched when it pertains to the state of dance music in the 808 and you would be hard-pressed to find someone with half the enthusiasm.

Well known for his party savvy and style, he understands that with every bold move in life there is always a risk and a reward. Two and a half years sober, music is now his drug.

The pure adrenaline junkie, who happens to be lil’ bro to world famous DJ Keoki, seeks scene fruition and fulfillment through music that compels the soul and sends a jolt that tells you to be free and live in the moment.

“I think if clubs take more risks and work with new talent regularly, we could see the beginning of a new group of dedicated club-goers emerge,” he said. “I’d like to see more mainstream clubs taking the chance of having a house or an electro night. It seems logical. I mean, we are probably the last city in America to have more hip-hop clubs than house clubs.”

Then and only then will Hawaii attain a quantum of musicial solace.

Disko Erotecha, Saturdays, The Loft, 115 N. Hotel St., 10pm-2am, 688-8813, 21+