DJ Wyatt Earp


Mon, Oct 8

DJ Wyatt Earp / Allow the conscious efforts of Denver badass DJ Wyatt Earp to bring out your unconscious dance floor desires, turntables a-blazing.

The title as Denver’s hardest working DJ is a fitting one. The 15-year career of this tech-house, deep-house destroyer has gone from the most happening underground night havens in his home state of Colorado to the most prolific venues and dance festivals around the world.

As online electronic music giant Beatport’s first employee, many of his back-in-the-day efforts were firsts for a DJ repping the Mile High City and ultimately set the foundation throughout Denver that still exists today.

Next Door is the spot to get shot after shot of pure adrenaline courtesy of this DJ groove slinger.

Next Door, 43 N. Hotel St., Sat., 10/8, 10pm, free before 10pm, $10 after, [], 21+