Night Life



Tue, Dec 4

Dieselboy / Dieselboy plus Honolulu equals dance floor mayhem. It’s a simple equation with guaranteed results.

The American badass of drum and bass is back, revved and ready to make the final first Saturday of the year an epic one. The underground confines of The Warehouse welcomes the top selling US drum-and-bass artist to wreck havoc once again.

Specializing in aural joy rides to the wild side, electronica’s rock and roll party animal has been deck trekking around the globe for more than 20 years and he’s yielded impressive results. With each and every global venture, mad amounts of praise and respect for the red, white and blue brand of drum and bass return with him stateside.

Get infected with Dieselboy’s crafty, pedal-to-the-medal, high-octane blend of dubstep, electro-house and tech-house. You didn’t think he was strictly a drum and bass head these days, did you?

When Dieselboy is in the building, there are no limits.

The Warehouse, 441 Koulu St., Sat., 12/4, 10pm-4am, $10-$15, 16+