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Sun, Dec 10

J-Phlip / As the lone female member of San Francisco’s infamous Dirty Bird crew, you know J-Phlip (pronounced “jay flip”) can hold her own against the big boys.

J-Phlip’s style thrives on tech beats and booty basslines–it’s “shake what your mama gave you” time. You can bet that local house-music heads know a little about that.

Queen Dirty Bird will spread her musical wings at Digital Paradise, the first 3-D dance event of its kind. This party promises to bring the craziest visuals in three dimensions and J-Phlip will provide the energized funky stuff specks, towel not included.

Along with being named to Urb’s Next 100 in 2009, J-Phlip has toured with the she-jay elite like DJ Rap, DJ Collette and Reid Speed. Special company indeed. Her recent European tour was her most successful to date and it’s likely that she’s just getting started.

SoHo Mixed Media Bar, 80 S. Pauahi St., Fri., 12/10, doors open 7pm, $25-$50, [], [], 18+