Night Life

The Mix Doctors


Thu, Dec 14

The Mix Doctors / To preserve, restore and elevate DJ culture in the Islands and beyond. The Mix Doctors bestow this responsibility on themselves to transform the goodness of music into greatness.

Founded in 2003 with a strong resurgence in 2010, the party collective of Twiks, Technique, Flykid, Flip (pictured above), Packo, Lex-One, LX and Sho plan to etch their names in the minds of Honolulu DJ and nightlife circles big time in 2011.

“We all try to do a little of everything, from Turnablism, club mixing, mobile DJ, radio mixing and production to hosting,” said Twiks. “Our mission is to expose Hawaii to different styles of DJing as well as music. We all have strengths in certain areas, but we basically try our best to compliment each others styles during sets.”

Consistent and fierce, they attack nightlife from all angles like an eight member Voltron. Even your standard club hits come with a Mix Doctor’s certified twist. And with a mix treatment so certified dope and in demand, they just had to infect cyberspace as well.

“Due to the decline of mixshows on Hawaii airwaves, [] was born to fill that void,” said Technique.

Count on the Mix Doctors to keep dancefloors and DJ culture mixed and mashed (up).

Zanzabar, 2255 Kuhio Ave., Thursdays, 10pm–4am, 18+
Oceans 808, 500 Ala Moana Blvd., Restaurant Row, Fridays, 10pm–4am, 21+