Night Life

Christian Martin


Sun, Jan 14

Christian Martin / In what looks to be an uber positive sign of things to come in Hawai’i dance culture twenty- eleven, downtown nightlife will shift gears and experience the best of Bay Area club life when the new year’s first installment of “Revive” welcomes Cali heavy-hitter Christian Martin.

Supreme buildups and steady streams of groove goodness are Martin’s MO and they come with the kind of edgy bass and heavy potency you can feel in your veins.

Rumor has it that upon rockin’ Honolulu’s party people to the core last year, Dirty Bird crewmates J Phlip and Worthy raved about their aloha-filled experience throwing down in the 808. Rumor also has it that C. Mart was a bit jealous and just had to get some Hawai’i hospitality of his own. Granted, it took Martin awhile to come out here but the lessons in music connectivity that he will provide will surely make up for lost time. No doubt.

Early bird status is a must to see this Dirty Bird kill it. Arrive before 10pm and this party is free 99. Now, spread your wings and dance.

Next Door, 43 N. Hotel St., Fri., 1/4, $10 after 10pm, [], 21+