Night Life

DJ Eskae

Comes with video

DJ Eskae / Honolulu has always had a thing for DJ Eskae.

From his signature Soul Clap party at thirtyninehotel to big bikini-filled poolside bashes, Eskae is one fellow who always brings the audible dope-ness.

Long before the first Friday craze, Eskae and his Nocturnal Sound Krew brothers were rocking C-town. That is one of the many reasons why Eskae and the letters N-S-K and H-N-L will forever be synonymous with dance party excellence.

“I think our longevity and growth comes from us always doing the opposite from everyone,” said the 808 mainstay. “People go left, we go right.”

And the rage-faced party people always seem to follow. Feel the love.

Folks can catch him at a special Valentine’s Day brunch affair at Morimoto’s Waikiki ([]).

V-Lounge, 1344 Kona St., Tuesdays, 10pm-4am, 953-0007, 21+
Crazybox, 1775 Ala Moana Blvd., Thu.-Sat., 9pm-3am, 943-5800, 21+
Pow Wow Hawaii, Loft In Space, 831 Queen St., [], 6-10pm