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Cosmic Gate

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Mon, Mar 19

Cosmic Gate / After clicking in the late ’90s, Nick Chagall and Bossi have been creators of that crowd-pleasing, filthy feel-good to make them one of the leaders of the current trance revolution.

Cosmic Gate headlines a spring break outdoor tripfest at Aloha Tower where melodies bang, minds drench and mental states get buck.

Mixing the hard sound of their earlier days with the more subtle groove creations of today, the German DJ/producer dream team have been creating that aforementioned crowd-pleasing, filthy feel-good for the masses. That’s what electronic music rockstars and global icons do. It’s this quality that helped secure them the 24th spot on DJ Magazine’s Top 100 of 2010.

Peer into a song catalog that includes tracks like “Element of Life,” “Fire Wall,” “Melt to the Ocean” and a sick remix of the theme from Avatar and you’ll understand.

Call it German ingenuity at its best. Enter their gate, the cosmic gate, because trance in your pants never felt so warm or so gooey good.

The Waterfront, Aloha Tower Marketplace, Sat., 3/19, 8pm–2am, [], 550-8457. 16+