Night Life

Big Koa


All I gotta say is my job puts me where everyone wants to be.

Big Koa / When it comes to entertaining on the weekend airwaves or lighting the fuse that sets the rooftop ablaze on Wednesday nights at Dave & Buster’s, pimpin’ ain’t easy for 102.7 Da Bomb power host Big Koa.

Standing at 6-feet-6 inches and tipping the scales at a burly 275 pounds, the “Big” in Big Koa is a fitting nickname and also extends to his involvement in big promotions, big parties and huge must-see concerts and celebrity events.

“All I gotta say is my job puts me where everyone wants to be,” said the Lanikai- and Keolu-raised Waimanalo resident and former fashion model.

A fixture in local radio and nightlife circles since 2001, let’s just say that he’s more than made the most of on-air opportunities that admittedly came by accident.

For Big Koa, work and play are one and the same. He’s just as committed to rocking the party as he is to partying on the rock; Koa does both with equal dedication. And you wonder why he hasn’t missed a single Wednesday rage-fest at DnB’s in six years.

Big pimpin’ Big Koa-style indeed.

Dave and Busters, Ward Center, 1030 Auahi St., Wednesdays, 9pm–2am, 21+
102.7 Da Bomb, Weekends, 10am– 3pm