Night Life

DJ Doggfather

Comes with video

DJ Doggfather / You could easily mistake DJ Doggfather as a big mean bouncer but when it comes to this nightlife veteran, first impressions are a bit deceiving.

Infectious on and off the decks, his outgoing upbeat nature could single-handedly steal the show. Dull moments don’t exist, and work and play go hand-in-hand in Doggfather’s world. Past DJ stomping grounds include Pipeline Café, Bonsai and Rumours, today the Doggfather’s playground is The Villa where you can find him all up in the video mix getting fierce and ferocious, trailblazing the tunes that get the 808 party people going straight bananas.

“I’m just a nice guy that likes to play music and hopefully, people have a good night and enjoy what I play,” says Doggfather. “I may look like a grouch sometimes but I’m a nice happy fellow. Just say hi and I’ll smile right back at ya and maybe even give ya a hug.”

In the end, nothing can come in the way of his relentless pursuit to make your good times that much greater.

Well respected among his peers and industry heads alike, females call him daddy. You can refer to him as one badass dude sprinkled with aloha.

Saturdays, The Villa, 1 Aloha Tower Drive, Aloha Tower Marketplace, Saturdays, 9pm–2am, 525-5211, 21+