night Life



Tue, Mar 6

S.E.C.T. / Intensify the weekend recovery process with a foursome whose every intent is to pulsate your insides in the name of beat thump rage.

S.E.C.T., a collective made up of Soul Clap-pers Sergio Santos and Tanner Ross (pictured above), will be serving up the groove nectar poolside to help you push the dreaded “back to reality Monday” as far away as possible.

The producer/supergroup representing Boston and the Bay Area brings their multitude of disco-infused tech-beat house shizzle for a pre-Spring Break funk-off at the Ohana Waikiki West. While they hold their own on an international level individually, expect things to go borderline bonkers insane when S.E.C.T. is in effect.

With the splish splash fun in store, the party might have been better off called Bananas at the Cabanas.

Add some unc, unc, unc to your Sunday fun day. If you turn into a total S.E.C.T. fiend in the process, it’s the music that did you in. Skimpy swim wear, cannon balls and fist pumps are optional.

Ohana Waikiki West Cabanas Pool, 2330 Kuhio Ave., Sun., 3/6, 1pm–8pm, 21+