Night Life


Sat, Apr 1

DJ Shimamura / When Japan was rocked like it had never been rocked before, Happy Hardcore DJ Shimamura felt the effects firsthand at his home in Ibaraki.

His friends and family were safe from harm’s way but Shimamura says many others were hard hit by the disasters and the emotional strain still lingers. Music provides the successful writer and producer with some kind of relief, if not a complete escape.

“Aftershocks still continue. There are many areas without electricity or water failure. I hope that everything returns to normal,” says the pioneer of Japan’s Happy Hardcore movement.

As his beloved country slowly picks up the pieces, hope and optimism provides Shimamura with the strength to rock on, balls to the wall, pedal to the metal full throttle.

Hawaii welcomes the world-renowned amp specialist to Hawaiian Brian’s for Hardcore Havoc. Just in time for fools to get their April Fool on.

Hawaiian Brian’s, 1680 Kapiolani Blvd., Friday, 4/1, 8pm–2am, $15, 946-1343