Night Life

DJ Nightmarcher

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Sun, Apr 30

DJ Nightmarcher / Borndate: 4/20. Status: Beast. Mission: Total mass destruction.

Infiltrating earholes with beats of face melting proportions and packed with a take-no-prisoners level of potency is nothing new for DJ Nightmarcher. Full credit goes to the Kalihi native’s work in helping dubstep’s growth underground and statewide.

As dubstep enters a new age of mainstream popularity (thank you, Katy Perry), the number of full-fledged dubstep junkies will continue to increase, and you all know who will be giving them their rage-drenched fix.

Humble as can be off the decks and one half of the lethal duo Tech Marcher, the BOAY/Betamorph Recordings representer’s (whose son should be killing things in a few years), the presence and passion of Nightmarcher are what movements in music are made of.

Hail to the King of Hawaii dubstep.

Thursdays, SoHo Mixed Media Bar, 80 S. Pauahi St., Thursdays, 21+
Cafe Sarang, 746 Ilaniwai Rd., Fridays, 18+
Digital Wonderland, Wet N Wild, Sat., 4/30, 9pm–4am, 18+