Night Life

DJ Revise


Sat, May 13

DJ Revise / Do you love how hump days jump at the new Lotus Downtown? Do you just hate waiting in line to get into Soho on First Fridays?

You can all blame DJ Revise for the down right ridiculousness.

As successful as he’s been for almost 15 years in the game, the scene mainstay would be the first to admit that he’s the underdog among the cluttered pool of Hawaii’s DJ elite.

If the spotlight finds him, which is usually the case, so be it. It’s never been about playing three gigs in one night, seven clubs in a weekend, 10 clubs in a week or the seen-to-be-seen in the scene type of nonsense and it never will be.

“I’m in it for me,” he said. “I’m not trying to ride hype and hop on [decks] to be everywhere. Opportunities like that have always been there for me but why do that if it’s not me? Why be a follower? That’s not me. I’d rather create my own lane.”

With a slew of projects ready to infect the music-minded this summer, it will be even harder to argue DJ Revise’s rightful place among the pioneers of Hawaii DJ culture past, present and future.

Best believe that.

Blue Ocean Thai, 327 Keawe St., Fri., 5/13, 10pm–2am, 18+.
“The Come Up”, Lotus Downtown, 34. N. Hotel St., Wednesdays, 10pm–2am, 21+.
Soho Mixed Media Bar, 80 S. Pauahi St., First Fridays, 8pm–2am, 18+.