DJ Cozy

DJ Cozy / In the outfit that is music expression, DJ Cozy wears many hats. Each one may be worn a different way, but the pride of Makakilo is known to rock each fitted cap.

“I’m inspired by three things. The student, the teacher, the people,” he says. “To put it simply, I love having fun. I do things for the love of hip-hop, for music, DJ-ing, et cetera, and I have fun doing it. If it stopped being fun then I’d stop loving it and that will never happen because I’d never let it.”

Welcome to Planet Cozy, where oceans of creativity flow in a world where head-nodders live in groove harmony.

His love for all things hip-hop recently made room for electronica and what evolved was Operation Face Melt with tag-team partner DJ Tron, better known as the Astronauts By Night collective.

In the dawn of a new era of great Hawaii DJs, meet a DJ well-adept at the boom bap and making his mark on the “unc-unc” tip as well. Planet Cozy, take a visit.

“Mondaze,” Soho Mixed Media Bar, 80 S.Pauahi St., Mondays, 9pm–2am, 18+
“L.E.D Island”, Indigo Restaurant, 1121 Nu`uanu Ave., Sun., 5/29, 10pm–3am, 18+