DJ Vegas Mike

DJ Vegas Mike / Summer party monsters get ready. The nightlife decibels will reach a new octave of sonic brilliance thanks to DJ Vegas Mike.

Mike Licata came to Hawaii to help open Nextdoor in 2005. He soon launched a fledgling ’80s night promotion called “Acid Wash,” when people spent their humpdays at home. Little did he know what it would become.

After moving the party a few times, the Wednesday night institution has come full circle and will return on June 8 to where it all started and rejuvenated Licata to bring the Vegas Mike persona harder than ever.

“Success doesn’t just happen,” says Licata. “When preparation meets opportunity, you will find out what you are made of. The new set is hot and I’m looking forward to rockin’ it for you guys at Nextdoor.”

Licata has flexed his creative genius in music on the big screen (The Fast and the Furious, Behind Enemy Lines) and in the corporate giant arena (MTV, NBA, the Olympics). Solid credentials that should equate to epic summer night shenanigans for sure.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Acid Wash 2.0, Nextdoor, 43 N. Hotel St., Wednesdays, 9pm–2am, free, 21+
Noir, Brasserie Du Vin, 1115 Bethel St., Saturdays, 10pm–1am, free, 21+