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Sat, Jun 24

Worthy / It’s true, dirty birds of an electronic music feather flock together and in the case of Worthy, yes he destroyed Oahu in May, but he missed Hawaii’s underground faithful so much that he just had to fly back for an encore.

His tech house sav meets Bay Area swag will surely incite dance utopias as Indigo and the party people behind Revive opens their doors to the 18 and over set for the very first time.

Revisit, firsthand, the musical mantra that energizes San Francisco dance havens like The Mezzanine and The End Up on the regular. Expect Worthy’s Hawaiian Invasion–the sequel–to solicit more than just good times and sickly grooves.

Thus, it all begs the question: Are you worthy? You know he is. But are you?

Prove it.

Indigo Restaurant, Fri., 6/24, 9pm-2am, 18+