DJ Rayne


Sat, Jul 1

DJ Rayne / Hawaii’s electronic music family has benefited from the passion that pours out of DJ Rayne.

His 15 plus years of owning his craft and impacting the scene makes his take on Hawaii-style electronica spot-on accurate and inspiring. If there were a Hawaii DJ Hall of Fame, he would be a first ballot lock.

“I think I have definitely mastered the art of partying and DJ-ing,” says SoHo’s resident DJ confidently. “I have always been at the top of the game. Music has always been a way of life for me. I may not be able to express my feelings in words, but I can definitely do it on stage.”

Devastation of the dance floor variety begins as SoHo shows off its new and improved digs, and Rayne celebrates his birthday and the release of his new CD Atomic Infamy.

No wonder this guy lives by the phrase “Work all day, play all night.” Rayne’s appetite for dance floor destruction will never waver.

“Honestly, I fear I may become the Keith Richards of DJ-ing,” he says. “I will be old as hell and still not skipping a beat.”

Non-believers, fall back please. As for the rest of you, let’s get it, shall we?

SoHo Mixed Media Bar, 80 Pauahi St., Fri., 7/1, 5pm-2am, 21+