DJ Raf


Thu, Jun 15

DJ Raf / From body bumping displays of dance floor bliss to the fostering of positive change, DJ Raf is all about the movement.

Since moving to the island from Cincinnati in 2006, he’s been hell bent on raising the hard dance, hard trance and hardcore bar as high as possible. His involvement in 95.9 Hawaii’s Dance Station ([]) provides the pulse raising shock thumpage that is best described as off the Richter contagious, 24/7.

“As far as popularity in Hawaii, it’s still a baby,” he says. “The genres need to be pushed more just like the BOAY and Organized Grime crews did for dubstep out here. This is what I hope to accomplish with my radio show. I think that there’s a lot of talent out here but it seems that there are many closed groups where everyone is striving for one, and only one sound, at their events instead of a vast variety.”

Soho, Lotus Waikiki and Asylum head the list of his impressive dance mecca resume and he’s just getting started. Meet one of the standout DJs of the new school because DJ Raf is well on his way to greatness. If he’s not there already.

Go hard or go home.

“Energize,” 4Play Nightclub, 99-016 Kamehameha Hwy., (Above Dixie Grill), Wed., 6/15, $8-10, 18+