DJ Edit

DJ Edit / Not many DJs are capable of talking about music and perpetuating the perception of Hawaii DJs non-stop, all-day long without caffeine enhancement. But if he wanted to, nightlife mainstay DJ Edit could.

As Tsukiji’s re-enters the nightlife game, hopes are that DJ Edit will be synonymous with big effin’ impact. Take it from an honest, straight shooter who believes that predictability can make the most timeless, surefire club hit stale and playing too much of what the crowd wants, believe it or not, can be a DJ’s worst enemy.

“As many of my fellow Hawaii DJs know, I have a great appreciation for the whole spectrum of music,” he says. “My belief is that there’s more to club music than just hip-hop, R&B and house. What I enjoy is that the open format DJ is prevailing. More and more, the gang out here is playing the wide gamut of music.”

An epic moment in most clubs is a given. It’s the epic moments Edit strives for. Dope you say? Injecting crowd enthusiasm, hands-in-the-air energy, and through-the-roof ambience is what he lives for.

“We’re gonna bring back the flare and energy that we were known for at the original Ocean Club at Level 4,” he says. “Expect a lot of high energy house and a lot of what I’ve been known for.”

Get some!

Frost Fridays, Tsukiji Fishmarket and Restaurant , Ala Moana Center (third floor), Fridays, 9pm-4am, 21+