Matt Ratt brings the crowdplay disguised as foreplay simply because it’s the only way.

“With an empty dance floor all the time, you might as well be a bedroom DJ,” says one of the 808’s best-kept secrets.

Nextdoor’s resident man with the master plan is a pro at standing out by not trying to stand out; pleasing the music palates that the ear drums of Chinatown’s party people simply love to devour. Not too shabby for a guy who got his big break at The Wave Waikiki at16.

Frazzle in the funky as the always hypnotic, it-don’t-stop-cuz-it-won’t-stop frame of mind, groove thangs shaken, music minds stirred, guaranz bo baranz, holla if you hear him.

Legit talent knows no boundaries. Yes he’s usually rocking Chinatown but don’t be surprised to find him rocking party faces at a club near you.

“I want to play everywhere,” he says. “As much as I play for the crowd, I would like the opportunity to prove to myself that I can play for any type of crowd.”

Next Door, 43 N. Hotel St., [], 548-6398, 21+