DJs / Wild styles and party beats galore is what should be in store as Japan’s DJ Masterkey intends to crack the Z-bar dance code and test the threshold of Waikiki clubheads by taking them all to the brink.

Credit the icon for spreading the boom-bap flavor of nightlife all over Shibuya. His varying styles, backed by the right time and right influences of early ’90s boom-bap as its core make him an unquestioned versatile tycoon on the tables. As the founder of Rocksmith Tokyo, his street-wear game is equally up to par.

Masterkey’s passion to help the younger generation and his active mentorship role to a camp of Japan’s ill-est DJs has pretty much sustained his legacy. According to his website, he has sold over 40 million albums and mixtapes in his 20 years. In comparison, Jay-Z has reportedly sold 50 million. But he’s far from done yet.

Let’s give Masterkey, who celebrated his birthday last week, his internationally deserved props shall we? How do you say swag in Japanese anyway? [Editor’s Note: kakkotsukeru.]

Zanzabar, Waikiki Trade Center, Sat., 8/20, 9pm–4am, 18+