To resurrect and legitimize the rock missing from 808 “party rock” is the singular purpose of DJ Lava’s music mission.

With the addition of his video mixing addiction that was developed in the Islands and refined in Las Vegas, Lava’s full-throttle, throw-down, turntable tactics has proved to be a special commodity in Hawaii nightlife circles.

Don’t mind the growl you hear, that’s just the sound of Lava’s hunger to satisfy Oahu’s need to visit the video realm of DJ mixing built around mind twisters glazed with ferocity, coupled with visual yum so your eyes don’t feel left out.

There are a handful of Hawaii DJs that are ahead of the times and there are even less that ooze rock star potential. Consider this balls-out surfer dude with the wide-open style and hardcore dreams to be one of them.

While the title of best video mixer in Hawaii nei is still up for grabs, meet its leading contender.

Zanzabar, 2255 Kuhio Ave., 9pm-4am, 18+