For DJ Russoul, scene before self has been applauded by his peers and has been the formula for many of his DJ successes.

As he continues to groove forward and mix in the steady streams of support, the Hawaii Kai native has proved time and time again that music does in fact fuel his soul.

“I know at the time I started DJing it was rough because my family didn’t foresee me to go far at this,” said the 10-year mainstay. “When they finally got to hear me play out, they realized that this is my passion and they see how much I love it.”

With scene knowledge and experiences from the mainstream clubs, as well as the underground hot spots that date back to music havens like Virus Afterhours and World Cafe, Russoul’s one track mind is welcomed because it is one of a selfless nature that just makes sound, melody and groove sense.

Now taking a stab at producing, the BOAY member is all-out amped to take his contributions to next level proportions.

With the successful release of a mixtape joyride aptly titled Grooving Forward over the weekend, Russoul remains engaged in doing whatever necessary to help the scene forge forward and get Hawaii’s talented crop of EDM DJs the rightful exposure they deserve, to the point where he can eventually call his home the Ibiza of the Pacific.

“I really want to see this day happen in the near future,” he says. “I know so far it’s heading into that direction.”

–Kalani Wilhelm