A dynamic duo of dance-thumping proportions is about to take the island hostage. For one night only, Chinatown will give way to Faust and Shortee, collectively known as Urban Assault.

A special event specifically catered with the DJ aficionados and the mentally grounded music heads in mind. Backed by a handpicked group of Hawaii’s best, the LA-based production tandem will be catching tons of wreck with a 4 Turntable genre blitz set for the ages.

Individually, their straight gritty rawness helped Fauste and Shortee’s growth and notoriety through the pure art form and love-of-the-battle scene and rave circuit eras of yesteryear. Together, things reach a whole new realm where the possibilities of music creativity could be endless.

Welcome and appreciate one of the unstoppable forces in electronic music and turntablism and find out how exhilarating a bass-gasm attack can be.

Happy birthday, Matt Kee (it’s his party)–wicka-wicka-womp-womp and “Won Love.” —

Nextdoor, 43 N.Hotel St., Thurs., 10/6, 9pm-2am, [], 19+. Subphonix featuring Shortee, Mercury Bar, 1154 Fort Street Mall, Fri., 10/7, 10pm-2am, 21+.