With every ounce of sound that pours through the speakers at gigs around the world, Afrojack represents the now generation of electronic dance music.

The #7 ranking in this year’s DJ Mag’s Top 100 should further prove that the Dutch Grammy-winning producer phenom doesn’t take the recognition nor the responsibility lightly.

“I’m really happy with my ranking of course, and super proud to be up there with the longstanding biggest DJs in the world like David Guetta and Tiesto and DJs-producers like Deadmau5,” he says. “Even though the list is fan-based, I feel the list sums up the EDM top producers-DJs in the widest form of the genre.”

Yes, his audio verbage is as sick as it is lethal but worldwide acceptance from the masses doesn’t mean he’s mainstream, lame streamers. It does mean his original productions and ill remixes are enjoyed by the biggest followings of global proportions imaginable.

“The real fans couldn’t care less what a trackname is, who’s singing it or even if I produced it with my elbow while drinking a bottle of [vodka], if the track [is] good, it’s good.”

Getting jacked is a state of mind. Multiply the intense feeling by a thousand and you can consider yourself to be Afrojacked!

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