Fifteen years of hip-hop radio is only half the story of Jimmy Taco’s longstanding contributions to Hawaii boom bap culture.

While the crystal anniversary of the historic Mind Tactics Show ([]) is unprecedented, the creative output he fashioned is enough to highlight his resume–the Na Hoku nominated producer is respected a hundred times over because his passion and purpose can be summed up in four one-syllable words.

He lives the shit.

Representing Flip The Bird, Rock Steady Crew and Bum Squad DJ collective, Taco’s career is the pinnacle mark and measure of consistency any dedicated hard-working music head should strive for.

It’s time to pay respect and homage to a HI state legend. Hands-down. H’z Up!

Dave & Buster’s, 1030 Auahi St., Wednesdays, 9pm-2am.
“Mind Tactics Show,” 102.7 Da Bomb, Sundays, 2am.