Outspoken, out of the box and bluntly honest. Living life without a filter helps Christian the Lion, aka Glitchdick, rage like no other.

He’s more serious about his craft than his balls to the walls nutso personality may let on to, but it’s not so much how you express your talents. It’s why.

“When I play, I’m not putting on an act or anything,” says the talented music engineer and resident DJ at Lava Rock Lounge. “I always go fucking nuts listening to music. I just can’t control myself once I get in this certain place in my head.”

Just two years in the DJ game shows that he is years away from his potential peak. As more opportunities come his way, best believe he will be that guy with the boom you want to fully consume.

Quiet ragers wake up! Remove your filter sometimes and be the catalyst to your own creativity.

Lava Rock Lounge, 2330 Kalakaua Ave., 10pm-4am, 21+