Individually, they’ve made setting the bar a habit, thanks to an untouchable credibility that all DJs and parties should strive for. That said, it’s practically unfair when the turn-it-out talents of DJs Anit, Compose and Eskae combine.

Providing dance floor remedies and weekend escapes for well over a decade, the skilled trio–whether as a unit or on the solo grind–have been maintaining the kind of music excellence Hawaii nightlife needs more of. But it’s been a hot minute since three of the island’s elite combined skills on a weekly basis in Chinatown.

Friday nights, Nextdoor has pulled out its A.C.E card (Anit, Compose, Eskae, get it?) to show you that these DJs put the “quality” in “quality party.” Always have, always will.

Putting the “down” in “get down” with a plethora of mash ups, groove and fresh electro dance gems, it’s straight up bang-rage-crazy enjoyable. Time to go to work.

Work It Fridays, Nextdoor, 43 N. Hotel St., 10pm–2am, []