It was a case of mastery in motion in 2011 for DJ Delve. He holds wreck as one of the deck maestros at The Get Right hump day rage fest at The Manifest. His monthly contribution to SHAKE+POP ranks as one of the most “must attend” dance-a-thons around town. His opening set at the Classixx show back in July at Nextdoor–hands-down one of the most noteworthy performances of the year–more than qualifies DJ Delve as Spinzone’s DJ of the Year title.

As busy as he is, the co-founder of the Architechs still finds time to show his support to hip hop friends and DJ comrades while extending friendships to talented kids on the come up. His impression on the dance music scene is a direct reflection of what keeps his shows alive, well and grounded–where dance happy folk can get straight up silly courtesy his beats. Add to that his free mixes and live recordings available to the delight of many. Goodness always has room for greatness and in Delve’s case the music always speaks of the latter.

Modern Experience NYE 2012 at The Modern Honolulu, 1775 Ala Moana Blvd., Sat., 12/31, 7pm–4am, $75–$125, []

The Get Right at The Manifest, 32 N. Hotel St., every Wed., 9pm–2am, free, []