Not all forms of creativity are created equal. The über talented Lopazz wears many hats–from multimedia artist to engineer to music producer. While juggling so many responsibilities is a welcomed challenge, the end result is the music: his ultimate gift and passion.

“I am happy to be diverse and eclectic,” said the German groove genius. “Life is a struggle. You should love it and start everything with a smile on your face. That’s what I do, with a bit craziness and a lot of love.”

Factor in a German-sound sensibility plus decades of experience creating innovative music and the final product is something that never sounded so sweet. DJ Mag will be in the building and you can bet that Lopazz, the quintessential taskmaster, will be certainly up for the occasion.

“It’s heaven! Some tracks are easy to produce, others take a lot of time and these ones are the tough ones. I am really happy when I am done and I can play them loud in the clubs,” he said. “We’ll have fun. I’ll play some unreleased stuff and we’ll shake our hair-extensions!”

Creativity never sleeps.

thirtyninehotel, 39 N. Hotel St., Sat., 12/10, 9:30pm, 2am, [], []