Fiends for the hard and edgy sounds of electronica, stop shaking, start dancing and prepare to get your fix.

Dubbed as the “2 Year Anniversary of Hard Music in Hawaii,” rockets of energy, packed in dynamite-sized house and techno, will be banging in abundance, spilling into ears with the collective talents of Shin-G and Shusei providing the audible fuel.

Together, they rock out as Overflow, one of the supreme forces of dance music in Tokyo. As the genre continues to constantly evolve by the millisecond, Overflow’s assertive sound will certainly provide a wicked kick start to the new year and quite possibly, a whole new realm.

Shin-G and Shusei’s deck chemistry gives them their edge while their hybrid style makes you say, “Oh, shit!” and other popular two word phrases. This will be the duos first international performance ever, so going all out is the only option.

Whatever dance music genre you get your kicks from, it will be hard to deny the sweat-induced enthusiasm courtesy of Overflow and the Loft.

The Loft, 115 Hotel St., Sat., 1/15, 930pm, $10–$12, 18+