Cheers to a new year and the return of an old friend for dance enthused maniacs of the 808.

Prepare for some unrealness as Honolulu makes way for the return of DirtyBird Records founder Claude VonStroke.

Has it been two years since the Bay Area visionary empowered the island with his tech-house, deep house brilliance? As much as the Angry Bird craze has taken over the islands, so to has DirtyBird’s presence in our underground dance music circles.

Throughout the years, VonStroke’s track record is one of superiority. The former rapper now has a flow more suited for global groove domination. With a West Coast flavor that has transcended well overseas and beyond, the mad scientist, who’s real name is Barclay Crenshaw, has always been one to thrive in his creative space. His pumped up enthusiasm on the decks is enough to get you jacked. His supreme brand of futuristic bass heavy tunes will put you over the top.

Need it be mentioned that Mr. DirtyBird has expanded as CVS has recently delved hard in dubstep? Oh my.

This dude reeks so much, dare I say, swag that he has a drink named in his honor. “The VonStroke”: vodka, soda and depending on his mood, an olive or two.

Asylum Afterhours, 816 Queen St., $10, []