Living above the trend is rare in today’s bandwagon society and sadly music tends to be the biggest culprit.

Not for scene mainstay DJ Errick.

Why be cool for a hot minute only to be forgotten the next? This above-the-trend mindset has put Errick in a deserving place and at the forefront of trance music in Hawaii.

With the support and dedication of his Livewire crew, the trance genre has grown by leaps and bounds and reached an infectious, almost addictive level that he is especially proud of. “It’s not you’re grandmother’s trance, that’s for sure,” he notes.

Well received on the decks and well respected off, he says taking and giving criticism combined with learning from names like DJ Technique and Paul Brandon, among others, is the real reason for his success. Too modest? Maybe so, but equally inspiring as well. Errick kills it but he just rather to it softly. BOAY!

Fridays, Cafe Sarang, 746 Ilaniwai St., 10 pm – 4 am, 18+.