The notion DJ Rayne is an underrated commodity in local DJ circles may be somewhat true but that immediately dissolves into nothingness once the beat thumping begins.

Deeply devoted to his craft, Rayne is a staple of why party people flock to SoHo every First Friday. Apartment3 will experience the Rayne effect on Saturday.

“At SoHo, the more aggressive I am, the better. Make them dance, make them sweat, make them get naked! It’s a free for all and I love it. Apartment3, is a bit more defined. Classy venue, older crowd, larger spectrum of genres can be played,” noted the opinionated showstopper. “I have to play it by ear, watch the crowd and see what grabs at them. It’s like Russian roulette, one false move and you’re done. But I love the challenge.”

Sustaining the peak of a party as long as he possibly can provides the nightlife vet the thrill therapy he loves.

“Passion and experience, getting to play music and make people dance is a very gratifying experience. It’s something I think we all feed off of. It’s like a drug. It’s a way to go home with a smile after a hard days work.”

Crowd rocked, mission complete.

SoHo Mixed Media Bar, 80 S. Pauahi St., “Life Is Art,” Fri., 3/2, 6pm–2am; Apartment3, 1750 Kalakaua Ave., “Supper Club,” Sat., 3/3, 6pm–2am