DJ Min-One is at his best when the dance party stakes are at their highest.

His San Francisco start led to a successful stint in radio in New York City, before settling back in the islands in 2009. Min-One (the “One” was bestowed upon him by the legendary dancer Crazy Legs of the Rock Steady Crew), also thrives on the genuine, most essential components that make music so infectious; the explosive energy.

As the featured spin-master at this month’s edition of Soulgasm, grooves will be nurtured in a refreshing, funk-filled fashion–and expect Min-One to dig deep.

“My duty is to bring music to the people and hope they understand it or one day will. For DJing it’s my role to better myself at it so that I can keep doing it as a career,” said the KTUH alum. ”For the scene I need to create my own sound to contribute to the world of DJ music.”

Share in the invention.

Fri., 2/17, “Soulgasm: Thirtynine Hotel, 39 Hotel St., $5, 9 PM, 21+