Take an electronica music mind trip–no map or GPS required–courtesy of Cali underground favorites Zapper and Datgirl.

From builds and breakdowns, all creatively loop and layered, the duo kills it using strictly live hardware, nothing prerecorded, no laptop in sight.

Zapper, the hard beats, bass and grime specialist and the sonically sassy dubstep, electro pizzazz of Datgirl gets crowds buck, beginning and end of story. The tandem, who draw influences from electronica, hip hop and any and all forms of live music, come to town in celebration of the release of brand spankin’ new projects, Datgirl’s Slutstep project and Zapper’s Filthy Frequencies album.

The 808 favorites will also be playing on Maui and the Big Island to kick-off their 2012 tour. Luckily, Oahu gets to experience the dope displays of Zapper and Datgirl, first. Stop by and get in on a music vid as well. Just be cautious of the fire dancers…

Take a dip in the sound of a pair of crafty revolutionaries and you will undoubtedly find your way.

The Loft, 115 N. Hotel St., Sat., 2/25, $15 (2 for $25), 18+